Rug storage bag


Special offer any two rug bags for £35.00

Medium £18.00 Large £20.00



Rug storage bags, perfect for storing winter/ summer rugs.

The rug storage bag is made from a tough 600 denier breathable material and handle for ease of transporting.

A clear pocket on the side for labelling, and secure zip fastening for when they are stored a shelf.  Making the rug storage bag the perfect accompaniment to any tack room. Never loose your rug again!

The rug storage bag will help save time finding the rug you need.

The rug storage bag is available in two sizes;

Medium 2 thick poly pads, 2 thin numnahs, a summer sheet, 2 girth sleeves

Large A 6’3″ Stable quilt, 6’3″ premier equine turnout rug, 2 sets of polo bandages, pair of travel boots a lead rope

Stablecares re-useable storage rug bags, really are the ideal way to keep all your rugs and kit organised, wether at home or shows. They are perfect after having your rugs cleaned, for storing your winter rugs through the summer or your fly rugs for winter. Never loose your rugs again!


Large; 75cm x 65cm x 20cm

Medium; 75cm x 65cm x 20cm

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